“I served on the Pembina Trails School Board with David for three terms.  I have tremendous respect for David. We need his experience and leadership on the Board.”

Sue Clayton, Linden Woods Resident


“David is sincere, honest and dedicated…he is an outstanding Trustee.”

Gerry Green, Whyte Ridge Resident


“David is very thoughtful and his thinking is thorough and complete.  He takes on challenges with a beginning and an end in mind.”

Don Fletcher, Wildwood Park Resident


“I have known David for many years. David Johnson is a man of exceptional integrity and decency. He is an excellent school trustee for our area.”

Frank Bueti, Linden Woods Resident


I support David’s school board work, trusting his ability to work with a variety of viewpoints, and his thoughtfulness about how teaching must continually evolve to meet new insights about how students learn.  In a province discussing amalgamations of school divisions we need experienced and knowledgeable trustees, and David Johnson is one.”

Dianne Cooper, Wildwood Park Resident


“David is conscientious, committed and concerned about our neighborhood. He is an effective voice on the School Board.”

Neil Duboff, Tuxedo Resident